Hitchin Taxis Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Hitchin Taxis, we do what we can to make things easier and more convenient for our customers. In our dealings with clients, we come across a lot of questions that tend to come up pretty regularly. To make it simpler for our customers to find answers to these, we've put together this page for frequently asked questions. We hope you find it helpful.

Q:What pick up points and destinations can be served by Hitchin Taxis?

A:We can pick up people from the town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire, and bring them to any of the major U.K. airports. These include the London Luton airport, London Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport, the London Stansted airport and the London City airport. Or we can do the reverse and pick up people from one of these airports, and bring them to the town of Hitchin.

Q:What is the maximum number of passengers that Hitchin Taxis can accommodate?

A:There really is no limit to the number of passengers we can transport. For example, if there will be 10 passengers travelling in the party, we can simply arrange for additional vehicles. The best way to proceed though would be to give our company information in advance about the size of the group so that we can advise you regarding how we will make the arrangements.

Q:How much advance notice does Hitchin Taxis need when it comes to making a booking?

A:The sooner you can advise us about your booking, the better so that the details and arrangements can be ironed out well ahead of time. At the very minimum, we kindly ask our clients to make their bookings 12 hours in advance, when booking over the telephone. That said; if you find yourself urgently needing a ride, and you need to head out in under 12 hours, do give us a call. There have been many situations where we have been able to make this work for previous customers.

Q:Is it possible to cancel a booking that has already been made with Hitchin Taxis?

A:Yes, this is possible. For more information on the details that apply to specific situations, kindly check our terms and conditions.

Q:How are the prices computed for a group of people?

A:The prices quoted by Hitchin Taxis are computed based on the vehicle. This means that whether a party includes 2 or 3 people inside one taxi, the charge will generally be the same.

Q:Do you have different kinds of vehicles available?

A:Yes we do. Hitchin Taxis offers our clients a wide range of vehicle options. These include estates, saloons and MPV's, as well as even larger vehicles, which can handle 8 passengers.

Q:What are your payment options?

A:We offer our customers various ways to pay for their booking. A cash payment in U.K. currency can be handed over to the driver at the destination. Clients can also make use of a wide variety of credit and debit cards to make payment.